• Cute Workout Clothes Can Help you Stay Fit

    Cute Workout Clothes Can Help you Stay Fit

    If you don’t think that wearing cute workout clothes can help you stay fit…think again! I am going to tell you why you should look into wearing cute workout clothes… When you think about working-out clothes, what is the first look that pops into your mind? Is it that 80’s sweatband and sports bra look? […]
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  • Affitnity Shorts on the Cover of Fitness Magazine

    Affitnity Shorts on the Cover of Fitness Magazine

    We’re celebrating here at Affitnity (formerly Fit Activewear) because our wonderful gym clothing can be seen on another cover.  This time is  the leading publication  fitness magazine! This is exciting news for us. Covers are a great way of showing even more of you how great our clothes look and of course it’s always fabulous […]
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  • Monica Brant Wearing Fit Activewear on the Cover of Iron Man Magazine

    Monica Brant Wearing Affitnity Graces Cover of Iron Man Magazine

    Monica Brant has been featured over 100 times on the cover of fitness publications and has been the subject of numerous articles and interviews.  This time she can be seen on the September issue of Iron Man Magazine. She’s wearing a custom outfit from the AFFITNITY  line that was specifically designed for her by Zeudy Mars, […]
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  • Fitness Fashion Rules?

    Fitness Fashion Rules?

    The fitness world has been bombarded with Do’s and Don’ts when it comes to sports-wear.  There are scandals at the tennis court every time the William sisters show up for a tournament.  It seams like there are fitness-fashion rules that you must follow otherwise you will be in for some real life drama. This time […]
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    Office Workout Routine

    • October 10, 2012
    Office Workout Routine

    Stuck at work? No worries! I have an office workout routine just for you!

    I know the feeling: you’re stuck at work all day but you want to get your workout done. If you can’t make it to the gym, or worry that you’ll just be too tired by the time you leave the office, don’t worry. You can work and workout, right there in your office. Here’s a great 15-minute office workout routine you can do in your office to get the blood pumping, the endorphins racing and your muscles tingling.

    Move around and stretch. If  you’ve sat at your desk, you’ll need to stretch out and warm up. If you can, take a short walk or climb a flight of stairs.  If you have a private office, you could even do some jumping jacks!

    So, Try this:

    – 10 squats

    – 10 lunges (or do walking lunges if you have the space)

    – Walk fast up and down the hallway

    – Shoulder Raises (Using a bottle of water on each hand)

    – Bicep curls (Using a bottle of water on each hand)

    – hold a plank position for 30-60 seconds

    – 10 Push Ups

    Take a short break - grab some water and repeat this circuit for a total of 4 times around. When you’re done, take a walk to cool down and center yourself, go freshen up in the restroom if you need to, and get back to work knowing you’ve done your body and mind some good – and you’ve barely taken 15 minutes out of your work schedule!…Then make sure you drink plenty of water to keep the rest of your workday healthy.

    Then benefit of this workout goes far beyond getting you up and out of your office chair. Let’s look at some of these exercises:

    – Squats are big calorie burners, pumping the heart and working right into the quads, hamstring and glutes to build shapely legs and a perky butt

    – Lunges are fantastic for the butt and for the top of the legs where the hamstrings meet the glutes, and they encourage co-ordination and balance too

    – Planks are a great way to build a strong core and flat abdominals, whilst giving your heart rate the chance to settle a little

    – Push-ups ups work the whole body, but target the chest, shoulders and upper body for a balanced workout.




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    What is Crossfit Training?

    • October 3, 2012
    CrossFit Training

    Have you guys heard of CrossFit Training? I’m sure you have, it seems to be the most popular fitness craze around right now and has skyrocket in popularity, particularly among women.  But, what is CrossFit Training?  I wanted to take a look at this method of training and bring you the basics. But hey, I would love to hear from any CrossFitters out there – hit me up in the comments!

    What is CrossFit Training?

    CrossFit was developed out of a conditioning program used by police academies, military special operations, tactical operations teams and athletic facilities catering to MMA (mixed martial artists).  As you can guess from that intro, it’s a tough, no-nonsense type of training focusing on athletic performance, functional strength and high levels of conditioning.

    CrossFit the sport is far from elitist though. In fact, it’s very inclusive, which is why I’m guessing a lot of you will have heard of it or perhaps do it yourself!  CrossFit Training workouts are called “WODs” (Workouts of the Day).  WODs are usually circuit-style, mixing body-weight exercises, plyometrics, sprints and repetitions of Olympic-style lifts with weights.


    CrossFit Training

    Pros and cons of CrossFit Training

    CrossFit gets you fit, strong and ripped! Why?  Because it’s hard, fast and tough!  It can really get you in great condition, pretty fast too.  The circuit-style form of training works as both a strength session and an awesome cardio at the same time.  And because WODs are competitive, you’ll find yourself pushing harder to compete with yourself or other members of your group. It’s a very cool way to get women in particular involved in lifting and conditioning work, and its great fun!

    Of course, like any form of exercise, there are downsides. You really need to get coached properly for CrossFit Training, since the risk of injury is pretty high if you misjudge your timing or don’t get your technique right. It’s important to find a great group (called a “Box”) with instructors and coaches who will take the time to set you up properly and keep a good eye on you even as you become intermediate and advanced in CrossFit. Don’t let the competitive nature this sport to stop you from listening to your body. Watch out for fatigue, over-training or injury.

    How to get involved

    The best place to start is the CrossFit website where you’ll find FAQs, sample WODs and all the answers to your questions. You’ll also be able to find your local groups if you want to get going. http://www.crossfit.com

    Have fun!

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    Pre and Post Workout Meals

    • September 27, 2012
    Best Pre and Post Workout Meal

    Pre and Post Workout Meals are crucial to fuel your workouts and recover from them if you want to meet your physique or performance goals. But, how much thought do you give to what you eat before and after exercise?

    Before you workout: You need to make sure you have enough energy to hit your workout hard, without feeling weighed down. Avoid heavy meats like steak and pork, excess fats, and foods high in fibre. You want your digestive system to have an easy job of putting your pre-workout food to good use. Save the heavier foods and fats for later in the day when you may need the extra satiety. Don’t forget to get plenty of fluids in, too, particularly if you workout early in the morning. And a cup of coffee might not hurt, either!

    After exercise: The period after your workout is important for recovery. Whether you’ve lifted weights, done cardio or put your body through a strength and conditioning session, you need to give yourself the fuel your body needs to repair, grow and get ready for your next workout! The best post-workout meal or snack is one which combines protein and carbohydrates and, unless you have a lot of weight to lose, this is one time that you can get away with some less-than-saintly carb choices. We’re not saying go crazy with candy bars, but you can definitely work some cereal, a bagel or a healthier (home-baked) muffin into the post-workout window. Your muscles will suck it up and put it to work.

    Here are some of my favorite Pre and Post Workout Meals choices:

    Pre Workout Meal Ideas: light on the stomach but packing a punch!

    •  Scrambled eggs on one slice of toast
    • Eggs and veggies cooked as an omelet
    • Chicken or turkey with some veggies or salad (choose less fibrous vegetables)
    • A protein shake or light smoothie combining protein powder and a carb source
    • A small piece of fruit with a protein shake

     Best Pre and Post Workout Meal

    Post Workout Meal Ideas: boosting recovery just when you need it!

    • A banana and protein shake
    • A powerhouse smoothie with protein powder, frozen banana, berries and almond milk
    • An apple spread with nut butter, with some dried fruit on the side
    • Rice, chicken/turkey/fish and lots of veggies
    • A small baked potato with protein from meat, tuna or cottage cheese

    What do you like to eat before and after exercise? Let’s share ideas!

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    • September 26, 2012
    fitness inspiration - Affitnity

    fitness inspiration - Affitnity

    It’s call working out, NOT hanging out!

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    Sweet Potato Donuts

    • September 13, 2012
    Sweet Potato Donuts

    Sweet potato donuts are a “the” perfect treat anytime of the day!  They are super moist, flavorful and the best part is that your waistline will be just fine with this quick and easy to make alternative!


    1.5 Cup cooked sweet potato

    1/2 Cup  whole wheat flour

    1/2 Cup Vanilla protein powder

    1 tsp cinnamon

    2 tsp baking powder


    Preheat oven to 4 1 0 degrees. Mix ingredients in large bowl .

    Form 10 – 12 balls. Place on non-stick cookie sheet.

    Press through center of balls with the end of a mixing spoon to create hole.

    Bake for about 20 minutes.

    Baking time may vary. (17 minutes in my convection oven).

    Sprinkle with sweetener, if desired.


    Sweet Potato Donuts


    Make sure to let us know if you make this Yummy treat!  I would love to hear how much you love them!

    About the Authors:


    After a few seasons in the NPCs Figure division, LeeAnn and Sunshine have enjoyed a fun 2012 full of bikini contests, gun courses, recipe sharing and family trips with their husbands and 10 children, combined! With a shared passion for food and fitness, Buff Bakers has compiled an assortment of tasty on- and off season meals that won’t break the piggy bank AND won’t make you look like one!

    Website: Sunnygirlfitness.com

    Facebook: www.facebook.com/pages/buff-bakers

    Email: sunny@sunnygirlfitness.com


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    What is sabotaging your weight loss

    • September 1, 2012
    What is sabotaging your weight loss

    Something or someone must be sabotaging your weight loss efforts when you workout regularly, watch what you eat, haven’t eaten cookies in months but the pounds aren’t coming off!!  Well… I am going to tell you what might be really sabotaging your weight loss goals.

    Nibbling and tasting.  A couple extra almonds here, just a few tiny pieces of candy, the leftovers on your child’s dinner plate… none of these things seem like much at the time, but they sure add up. Chances are this nibbling is adding the number of calories you are consuming without you even remembering about them. Here’s the solution: try writing down every single thing you eat for one day (during the week) and one day (at the weekend). The key to knowing what’s sabotaging your weight loss  might be right there!

    Do you read labels? If you don’t read food labels, it’s time to learn how!  Are your eating a whole bag of cookies thinking it’s only 100 calories?  Well think again this bag might contain up to three servings, which means you are eating 300 calories – not 100!  Get to grips with nutrients, calories, sugars and fibre and start to understand exactly what’s in your daily diet. Too much sugar? Not enough protein? Hardly any fibre? All these problems will put the brakes on your weight loss efforts.

    Don’t drink your calories. Soda, lattes, frappuccinos, and sports energy drinks all seem deliciously innocent but they all pack a calorific punch. Even those zero sodas have an impact on nutrition – sure, they might have no carbs, no sugars and no calories but they’re packed with chemicals that send your body’s hormonal responses into free fall, making it harder to shed body fat. The solution? Keep fancy coffees as a treat, don’t rely on sports drinks and ditch the sodas. Remember that even fruit juice is packed with sugar. Far better to drink water and eat your calories. Top tip: try adding lemon, lime, mint or cucumber to water for a refreshing treat!

    Overestimating energy output? Don’t believe everything the elliptical tells you. Those read-outs on cardio equipment at the gym are rarely correct. So you burned 800 calories in an hour on the treadmill? Sorry, but that’s probably not true. Forget counting “calories out” and concentrate instead on smart, effective training which will change your body composition and help you torch energy in the long-term. Try weight training, sprints and interval training for the best bang for your calorific buck.

    Are you trying too hard?  Finally, perhaps it’s time to give yourself a break. Sure, if you’ve got a lot of fat to lose, it’s a good idea to keep an eye on scale weight. But we all know that the leaner and lighter you get, the harder it is to shed significant amounts of weight.  And nothing makes it harder to lose fat than getting stressed about the fact that you’re not losing fat! This is a big reason when it comes to sabotaging your weight loss.  So try giving yourself a break. Are your goals realistic? Are your clothes fitting better? Are you happy with how you look? And most importantly of all, are you happy? Perhaps that’s your answer, right there.



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    Benefits of Yoga for Women

    • August 22, 2012
    Benefits of Yoga for Women

    The Benefits of yoga for women are great! It’s a wonderful addition to any workout routine and something we can all benefit from. When you think of yoga you probably think of effortless chilled-out yogis with their legs wrapped around their heads, getting into poses we can’t even dream about. But the reality of yoga is pretty different! Do you practice yoga?

    Here are some of the benefits of yoga for women and  why you should seriously consider adding it your exercise routine.

    Flexibility: There’s no doubt that the many poses and stretches of yoga will keep your body flexible. The large muscles of the legs and back will get a great stretch, important joins like the hips and shoulders will be kept mobile and important structures like the neck, spine and pelvis will be supported and strengthened like never before. All of this will benefit you in other areas of life: from sporting performance to everyday tasks at home and work.

    Strength: Just because you’re not working with weights in yoga, that doesn’t mean the activity does build strength. Holding your own bodyweight in yoga poses encourages the body to develop incredible endurance and strength in the most functional of ways. You’ll be able to lift, carry and hold things better, whether that’s your kids, your groceries or your free weights.

    Injury prevention: All that stretching and strengthening will make you must less susceptible to injury when you workout. Yoga will help your body protect itself at the joints, ligaments, tendons and muscles, meaning you’ll be much less tight and sore from other workouts.

    Combat stress: Yoga is the most wonderful workout for stress busting. If you feel overwhelmed but need to workout, try yoga. Your muscles, heart and lungs will get a great workout but your mind will get the chance to calm down and relax, too. You’ll finish your yoga practice feeling refreshed and ready to tackle anything.

    Benefits of Yoga for Women

    Keep healthy: The benefits of yoga for women go far beyond what it does for your muscles. Yoga poses help massage your internal organs (encouraging detoxification and circulation), boost the flow of blood around the body (delivering oxygen and nutrients) and help you relax (which should mean you sleep better). There’s a reason yogis live longer!

    Add a new dimension: We all need to shake up our workouts once in a while. Even if you’re the most dedicated runner or most hard-core weight trainer, it won’t hurt to throw something different into the mix once in a while.

    By now you should be seriously considering all the benefits of yoga for women and just give it a try!  Who knows, you might find a new workout to love!

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    Healthy Pizza Recipe

    • August 16, 2012
    Healthy Pizza Recipe

    I have a healthy pizza recipe that I would love to share with you.  I bet you didn’t know that you can make your favorite dish healthier!  Making healthier choices is not only good for benefiting your overall health, but it will leave you feeling better about yourself and boost your confidence. When you think of eating pizza and how you feel after, what comes to mind?  Tired, full, bloated, low energy is what comes to my mind.  So, if you are craving it, how can you make the dish healthier?

    Health and fitness is my passion.  I love the challenge of pushing myself to be better everyday.  I want to be a Pro figure competitor and be an example for others. I also want to help others live healthier life styles and make a positive impact everyday.

    Well, I am going to share with you one of my healthy pizza recipe.   This healthy pizza recipe is low-calorie and much better for you than regular pizza.

    Ingredients needed: Low carb or whole wheat tortilla shells, low sugar pizza sauce, chopped veggies, turkey pepperoni, grilled chicken pieces, and low-fat cheese.

    1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees
    2. Place shells on baking sheet.
    3. Spread pizza sauce over shell.
    4. Load up your shells with veggies (onions, peppers, mushrooms etc.)
    5. Spread your cheese out over the veggies. (Tip: do not overdue the cheese)
    6. Top it off with turkey pepperoni or grilled chicken pieces.
    7. Place in oven for 5 minutes..


    I hope this healthy pizza recipe help you with some ideas! Now,  I challenge you to take your favorite dish and make it healthier!  Then share your recipe so others can eat healthier too.

    Talk to you all soon!

    Jessica Marie Rundle

    Jessica Marie Rundle
    Jessica’s Cleaner Leaner Kitchen at www.jrunfitpro.com
    Facebook: Rundle Performance Training
    Twitter: @JMarieRun

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    Affitnity! New name for the Fitness Clothing you Love

    • August 14, 2012
    Affitnity! New name for the Fitness Clothing you Love

     I’ve been working hard behind the scenes, rebranding and making sure my business offers you exactly what you want.

    One of the most exciting changes is a totally new name for the brand. And today, I’d like to reveal it to you for the first time. Affitnity is the new name for the Fitness Clothing you Love!

    I took the words “affinity” and “fitness” and blended them together to come up with the new name Affitnity. Let me tell you a little bit about why I chose the name. What’s most important to me about designing beautiful and functional fitness clothing that you love to wear? It’s the connection between me and my designs, and YOU my customer!  It’s a great feeling when I know that I’ve got it right: that you enjoy wearing my gym clothing because it makes you feel good, because it fits your body so well, because it helps motivate you during your workouts. That’s affinity to me!

    By adding that “t” to the word, I make it clear that everything I design is for fitness.  Because that’s what you love: you feel at your best when you’re working out, when you’re getting ready to go to the gym, when you’re there doing your stuff and looking great! I know the feeling, because that’s exactly why I am passionate about working out, too.

    Affinity is about an understanding, trust and respect between two people. My connection with you is the passion we both share for fitness and fashion. So, Affitnity, is about me understanding what YOU want, need and like when you workout.

    So, Fit Activewear is now Affitnity, but all the designs continue to be created by me  Zeudy Mars and the clothing will continue to have the high quality you have come to expect.

    Do you feel an “affitnity” with the clothing you’ve ordered from me? I hope so! Here’s to the future: with Affitnity fitness clothing, your choice of workout wear.



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    Healthy Snack Recipes

    • August 1, 2012
    Healthy Snack Recipes

    Why would you want make a snack healthy?  Well, I don’t believe there’s any need to cut out snacks altogether. After all, eating should be pleasurable and studies have shown that people who enjoy their food will be more compliant, sticking to a diet in the short-term and carrying it into the rest of their lives in the long-term. Enjoyable food is an important part of a sustainable eating plan.

    Whether you’re making the change to eating clean, dieting for a contest or just trying to be a healthier you, chances are you’re serious about cutting sugar from your nutrition plan. It’s typically one of the first things to drop if you want to see some changes in your body. But… doesn’t cutting out sugar mean missing out on sweet treats, after-dinner desserts and fun snacks? No way! In fact, creating a healthy snack using clean ingredients is a pretty fun challenge with some great outcomes! You can still have your cake and eat it too. Here’s how!

    But sugar is the bad guy.  Sorry, but it is.  It messes with your hormonal response to food, kicks up cravings and quite simply just is not needed by your body. Your body sees sugar as an outsider, an enemy, and doesn’t know what to do with it. So, let’s be clear, you need to minimise sugar including artificial sweeteners if you want to make a go of clean eating.

    The only sweeteners I use and recommend are those from fruit and Stevia (an all-natural sweetener made from plants).

    Here are some of my healthy easy desserts for after dinner, before bed or any time I am looking for a sweeter snack:

    Greek yogurt, berries and pumpkin seeds. This dish has everything: protein from the yoghurt, sweetness from the berries and good healthy fats (and a little crunch) from the seeds. Choose any berries you like, and use frozen on hot days. Sub out the pumpkin seeds for sesame seeds, almonds or walnuts if you prefer.  You can also add a bit of stevia for extra sweetness!

    Cottage cheese, protein powder and nut butter (YUM!) – Mix plain cottage cheese, your favorite flavor protein powder (I like chocolate or vanilla) and your choice of nut butter for a delicious treat!

    Homemade trail mix. Mix your choice of nuts, seeds, dried fruit (not too much) and chopped dark chocolate for a cheap and healthy trail mix bursting with fiber, good fats and antioxidants. Great to pack in your purse for an on-the-go snack any time, and so indulgent! Choose the darkest chocolate you can for the most nutritional benefits.

    Health dessert recipe: Zeudy’s sweet protein pancakes

    This is my favorite after-dinner dessert to whip up when I fancy something sweet and tasty. It’s so easy!

    • 4oz egg whites, or 3oz egg whites and one egg
    • Scoop protein powder (your choice of flavor)
    • 2oz oatmeal (uncooked) or sweet potato (cooked and cooled)
    • Blend the ingredients, add a little Stevia to taste, and mix through a pinch of baking powder at the end.
    • Grease a non-stick pan with a little coconut oil (my favorite fat for cooking) and drop the mixture on to the pan. Once the mixture is firm, flip once and then remove from the pan when cooked.
    • Top with nut butter or flaked coconut, berries or Greek yogurt. Yum!

    Let me know if you try this recipe, and feel free to share your own favorite healthy snack recipe!


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