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Trend Alert: Cute Sports Bras!

Did you know that sports bras made their first commercial appearance way back in 1975? The first sports bras were the simple white tennis bras. Thankfully their journey across the decades has only made them more technical, supportive, comfortable and trendy! Thanks to some bold brands and designers with foresight, sports bras have become they […]

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Office Workout Routine

Stuck at work? No worries! I have an office workout routine just for you! I know the feeling: you’re stuck at work all day but you want to get your workout done. If you can’t make it to the gym, or worry that you’ll just be too tired by the time you leave the office, […]

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What is Crossfit Training?

Have you guys heard of CrossFit Training? I’m sure you have, it seems to be the most popular fitness craze around right now and has skyrocket in popularity, particularly among women.  But, what is CrossFit Training?  I wanted to take a look at this method of training and bring you the basics. But hey, I […]

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Pre and Post Workout Meals

Pre and Post Workout Meals are crucial to fuel your workouts and recover from them if you want to meet your physique or performance goals. But, how much thought do you give to what you eat before and after exercise? Before you workout: You need to make sure you have enough energy to hit your […]

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Sweet Potato Donuts

Sweet potato donuts are a “the” perfect treat anytime of the day!  They are super moist, flavorful and the best part is that your waistline will be just fine with this quick and easy to make alternative! Ingredients: 1.5 Cup cooked sweet potato 1/2 Cup  whole wheat flour 1/2 Cup Vanilla protein powder 1 tsp […]

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What is Sabotaging Your Weight Loss?

Something or someone must be sabotaging your weight loss efforts when you workout regularly, watch what you eat, haven’t eaten cookies in months but the pounds aren’t coming off!!  Well… I am going to tell you what might be really sabotaging your weight loss goals. Nibbling and tasting.  A couple extra almonds here, just a […]

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Benefits of Yoga for Women

The Benefits of yoga for women are great! It’s a wonderful addition to any workout routine and something we can all benefit from. When you think of yoga you probably think of effortless chilled-out yogis with their legs wrapped around their heads, getting into poses we can’t even dream about. But the reality of yoga is […]

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Cute Workout Clothes Can Help you Stay Fit

If you don’t think that wearing cute workout clothes can help you stay fit…think again! I am going to tell you why you should look into wearing cute workout clothes… When you think about working-out clothes, what is the first look that pops into your mind? Is it that 80’s sweatband and sports bra look? […]

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Healthy Pizza Recipe

I have a healthy pizza recipe that I would love to share with you.  I bet you didn’t know that you can make your favorite dish healthier!  Making healthier choices is not only good for benefiting your overall health, but it will leave you feeling better about yourself and boost your confidence. When you think […]